25th December

Merry Christmas!

4th December

Motors TV prog from Brands can be accessed here. Race is titled Intermarques, QMN saloons etc dated 4th Dec

27th November

Paxman has been moved to class C from class D for last races at Brands. This move (if allowed to stand) will  have knock on effects for the last round race results and also the championship points table. Expect this to drag on in to the New Year.

23rd November

The QMN championship winning Escort of Tony Paxman has failed end of season scrutineering for a technical infringement. Seems late in the day to pull someone up for something known about in April.

20th November

QMN races from Brands on Motors TV next  Friday.

2nd November

Took a gamble on track drying out - did not work. Lots of slipping and sliding to 9th place finish. Rough calculation leaves us 2nd in class of 12 and 8th overall out of 50.

1st November

Sixth place on a very wet Brands Hatch track. Winstone 8th but takes class title.

5th October

Jim Green back in the pool at Guildford for the South East short course championships. Wins came in the 50m and 100m breaststroke and the 50m backstroke. He will miss the rest of the season but should be back in 2015 at K2 in Crawley.

4th October

Penultimate round at Lydden netted a 4th and a 3rd despite suspension problems  to keep class championship title hopes alive.

3rd September

Will miss Brands this weekend to rebuild engine.

31st August

Quicker laps at Donington but engine missed a beat so retired.

30th August

Fantastic day at Donington with Special Saloons. Bertie totally outpaced by some fabulous machinery but still very enjoyable.

21st August

QMN drivers offered a "free" race at Brands on 7th September.

17th August

Waited all day not to get a race. QMN drivers quite rightly not happy.

16th August

A lowly 6th on Brands Hatch GP circuit. Lost ground to class leader Pete Winstone, race winner Andy Woods Dean has closed the gap to our 2nd place.

8th August

86 year old Jim Green has decided to stop championship swimming for a few months following a number of health issues over the last few weeks.

27th July

We have added another race date to our schedule - Donington Park 30/31 August.

13th July

The BX Sport Citroen qualified 5th in class E at Snetterton with the misfiring Cossie of Peter Taylor taking 3rd in class B albeit only 2 places higher up the grid. Peter got caught out on the contents of a lunched Clio engine and went off in race 1 and unfortunately hit the parked up Renault. The race was red flagged possibly for this incident or maybe for the giant marker post that was stationed on the track after being dislodged by a BMW earlier in the race. Fourth place was taken by the BX  at the end of the shortened restarted race. In race 2 the Citroen took an uneventful 3rd.

9th July Last Lap prog promo can be seen here
8th July

Round one Brands Hatch races from Last Lap now available here

3rd July

QMN Brands races from May 4th will be on Last Lap on Motors TV on July 10th

30th June

Peter Taylor will return to QMN at Snetterton on July 13

22nd June

Team BX Sport Citroen totally outpaced by its class rivals at Lydden yet still picks up 5th and 4th to retain lead of class E and 7th overall in the QMN championship by a single point.

7th June

Jim takes 5 out of 5 in the Surrey Masters with unopposed wins in the 25m, 50m and 100m breaststroke, 25m backstoke and 25m freestyle.

29th May

QMN on Last Lap programme. Some very good close racing throughout with Team BX Sport getting a lot of screen time in the 2nd QMN race.

28th May

Jim Green has entered the Surrey Masters to make up for missing the Eastbourne event.

26th May

Team BX Sport Citroen qualiied 5th in class at round 3 of the Quaife Motorsport News Saloon championship and went on to score 2 x 4th in class. The results puts "Bertie" top of the class and 7th overall in the standings. Peter Taylor's race day was cut short when the turbo failed on his Sierra Cosworth in qualifying.

23rd May

Round 1 of the QMN championship will be aired on Motors TV on 29th May, 30th May and June 1st. Watch the video on YouTube.

14th May

Jim Green has wihdrawn from the Eastbourne Masters due to illness.

4th May

A very fortunate first race for Team Bx Sport at Brands Hatch as the Citroen spun off along with others on fluid dropped by a Peugeot. The race was red flagged and in the restarted the BX made it safely to the flag to take 3rd in class. In race 2 despite being quicker the Citroen could only claim 5th in class.

13th April

Race 1 runs at a reduced pace for last few laps when the BX breaks a drop link. Race 2 no problem as the Citroen takes 3rd in class.

12th April

Team BX Sport Citroen BX had its first outing of the year
and qualified 21st overall, 4th in class, in Quaife Modified saloons.

27th March

Peter Taylor's pre season test at Snetterton ended early when the head gasket failed.

2nd February

Just the one race for Jim, the 100m breastroke to take his tally to 4 golds. Congratulations to Goldalming's John Harrison who set 2 new World Records in the 100 year + age group.

1st February

Jim takes to the pool at K2 in Crawley for the South East Championships and wins in the 50m backstroke, 50m breaststroke and 200m breaststroke.

21st January

Jim Green has been trying out a sport other than swimming. Depending on training we could see him entering a different Masters arena fairly soon.

18th January

POTD - 3 wheels on my wagon. The lean angle is due to broken front suspension.

3rd January

QMN saloons listed as 9th best championship in 2013 up from 44th. Cannons Tin Tops up from 83rd to 21st. Amazing what the addition of the Team BX Sport Citroen can do for a race series!

1st January

POTD (Photo of the day) on BARC SE website is Peter Taylor's very tidy Cossie cornering at speed.

1st January

A happy and sporting new year to you!


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