3rd November

The Citroen BX made it through Paddock Bend but on the run up to Druids an antiroll bar droplink broke leaving the car to continue on 3 wheels through the corners at the back of the field. Taylor moved up to 10th overall to finish 2nd in class. A hastily repaired BX took it steady in race 2 to pick up points to finish 10th overall in the Quaife Modified Saloon championship and 3rd in class E. Also taking it easy was Peter Taylor who placed 15th and moved up the championship order to 9th overall and winner of class C. Despite not taking part in the final Tin Top races the Team BX Sport Citroen finished 10th overall in the Cannons car spares supported championship.

2nd November

A wet qualifying session for the Quaife modified saloons saw the Team BX Sport Citroen make it through to the race one grid in 21st place with Peter Taylor's Cossie 4 rows forward in 13th. 

26th October

Jim back in the pool and he slices over 2 seconds of the 85-89 age group 100m long course breaststroke British record as well as taking gold in the 50m breaststroke.

25th October

Jim Green wins the 85-89 age group 200m breaststroke event at the British Gas ASA Masters at Ponds Forge in Sheffield.

5th October

Jim Green picks up wins in the 50m breaststroke, 50m freestyle and 200m breaststroke events at the South East Region short course Masters held at The Spectrum, Guildford.

10th September

"Ageing well week" brochure launched by Reigate & Banstead council featuring an article about our very own Jim Green "Master Swimmer". The  week is from September 30 to October 4 and Jim will be helping to promote the week's activities and on Wednesday October 2nd will be at Horley Leisure Centre to give free lessons.

8th September

"Full Speed Racing" on Motors TV on Friday will be showing the 2nd Quaife Motorsport News race from the August 25th Brands Hatch meeting.

7th September

The Team BX Sport Citroen made it through the day unscathed at Silverstone with a best result of 4th in class. Taylor retired from QMN race 1 and was a non-starter for race 2

25th August

The Citroen BX completes just 2 laps in the QMN before a steering breakage brings its race to an end. The Taylor Cossie picks up 3rd in class.

24th August

Another wet day at Brands Hatch sees the Team BX Sport Citroen finish 4th in class in the Quaife Modiied saloons and Peter Taylor finish 4th in his class. In the Tin Tops the BX struggles to 7th.

14th August

Both Snetterton QMN races are now available on Digitex TV.

8th August

The Bank Holiday Brands Hatch GP meeting will be now over 2 days - Saturday and Sunday and not just on the Sunday as per our events calendar.

20th July

The BX Sport Citroen takes class 4th and 5th in the Quaife Modified saloons but can only manage 2 x 7th places in the Cannons Tin Tops. Peter Taylor picks up 2 x class 3rds in the QMN championship to move up to 12th overall in the standings 3 places above Gary and "Bertie".

19th July

Brands Hatch QMN race is now available on Digitex TV.

29th June

Jim Green misses out on the British 100m breastroke long course record by a few tenths on his way to 2 wins in the evening Rushmoor Royals Masters meet at Aldershot Garrison Pool.

13th June

Last Lap motorsport series starts today on Motors TV. During the coming months it will feature some of the QMN modified saloons races as well as Cannon Tin Top action so look out for the Team BX Sport Citroen.

12th June

Peter Taylor and his Cossie will also miss the Lydden meeting

9th June

Team BX Sport will miss the Lydden meeting.  They'll be back out at Snetterton.

8th June

Jim back in the pool and carries on his winning ways with wins not only in the individual but also in the medley relay in the British Gas South East Region Age Group Championships at Guildford Sports Park.

27th May

Digitex TV launches its motorsport web TV channel.

25th May

Much the same as last meeting, another incident at Druids, this time a Clio losing the back end. Team BX Sport finished with 2 x 5th in class in QMN and a 5th and 4th in the Cannon Tin Tops. Peter Taylor finished a lowly 4th in class in QMN race 1 but bounced back in race 2 to finish 2nd.

16th May

Jim Green pulls out of the Eastbourne Masters event.

5th May

An incident in the first race at Brands Hatch slowed the BX Sport Citroen which came in a lowly 6th in the Tin Tops class. A 4th place later on in the day helped revive team spirits. In the QMN, Gary picked up 2 x 5th places while Peter Taylor recorded yet another 2nd in class but failed to start the second race.

21st April

The BX Sport Citroen again finishes 5th in the Tin Tops and 4th in the QMN. The Taylor Sierra Cosworth grabs another 2nd.

21st April

Jim sets his third British record of the year with a win in the 200m breaststroke and adds a fourth gold medal to his tally wih a fine swim in the 50m freestyle.

20th April

Gary Cole takes the BX Sport Citroen to 5th in class in the Cannons Tin Tops Saloon Championship at Brands Hatch and goes one better in the Quaife Motorsport News Championship. Peter Taylor finishes 2nd in class C of the QMN

20th April

Jim Green takes gold and sets new British record in the 100m breastroke.

19th April

Jim Green wins and sets a new British record in the 200m breaststroke and picks up his 4th gold medal of the Crawley meet with first place in the 50m breastroke.

10th February

Jim Green wins and sets a new British record in the 200m breaststroke and picks up his 4th gold medal of the Crawley meet with first place in the 50m breastroke.

9th February

Jim Green takes two first places in the South East Regional Masters long course swimming event at K2 Crawley. Jim now in the 85-89 age group won the 100m breaststroke and the 50m freestyle. Jim hopes for overall improvement on last year's British rankings where in the lower age group (80-84) he was ranked 3rd in the 50m and 100m breaststroke short course events, 1st in the 100m breaststroke long course and 2nd in the 50m and 200m breaststroke as well as the 50m freestyle.

1st January

A happy and sporting new year to you!


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